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Do you know the most valuable thing everyone possesses, a capital, nobody can take away from us? It sits between our ears, called brain; it is our mind! Our brain enables us to perform our daily work, to plan ahead and to live a successful life, if used properly.

However, when was the last time you got a real big and bold idea, a new business idea or even a patent idea, which could have greatly boosted your progress, perhaps for making an invention or just for improving your life? When were you last confronted with a problem you couldn’t solve easily? - A problem is a challenge and can often be solved by dividing it into part problems and then tackling every part from different angles where possible. Often the solution to solve it lies in the problem itself.
We tend to think along certain lines of the greatest probability, established and developed by experience during our lifetime, good enough for normal tasks in daily life but rather useless for getting new and bold ideas. Would logical thinking help for getting such ideas? Probably not much.

Such kind of thinking may be useful for developing existing ideas further and make them feasible, but not for getting new and unusual ideas and concepts in the first place. For getting them, we have to cut across our established channels of normal thinking by applying lateral thinking instead of vertical (or logical) thinking. You could carry out a 'brainstorm' in a group and see what happens, or you could try to sharpen your mind with lateral thinking puzzles, math puzzles or other kinds of brainteasers from time to time. This may be the first step in a row for getting big and unusual new ideas and concepts.
The term ‘lateral thinking’ was created and first used by Dr. Edward de Bono, probably one of the greatest thinkers in our time. Lateral thinking, if done properly and by applying certain thinking tools, can be very effective with getting bold new ideas and surprising solution, not thought about before. Edward de Bono has written more than 50 books about this method of thinking and its various applications, while using special thinking tools, and it certainly pays to read at least some of them.
Why do I tell you all this? Because I have studied some of the more important books of the great Edward de Bono and  tried to learn as much as I could from them. Later, after educationg myself and training this kind of thinking by using the suggested tools, I have applied his teachings in praxis with growing success, giving advice and suggesting new ideas and rather unusual concepts through my business The Creative Think Tank, established in 1996. Now I would like to put this knowledge to more good use by advising and helping even more people online including businesses and groups as described below. - If you want personal or business advice on any matters or help with an invention, please read on.
My Offer
No matter who or what you are or where you live, whether you are an organisation, a company or run a personal business, whether you are a group or a private person, if you have a problem you cannot solve easily, if you need some business or money ideas, other kinds of advice and new ideas, I may be able to help you. For this please note the following:
    * My initial advice would be free!
    * If you want to go further and get more comprehensive advice (a consultation more in detail), I will do my best to satisfy you. You may then decide what my advice is worth to you and pay me a fair amount accordingly at your discretion.
    * As an organisation or a business, you might also need ongoing advice, if you are serious about the success of your business. In that case we can negotiate the conditions to our both satisfaction.
Getting good advice or new big and bold ideas may cost you nothing or very little, but acting upon them can greatly enhance your personal success or the progress and success of your organisation or business. -  What is sometimes needed is to look at your business from a completely different perspective and to come to entirely new concepts and ideas, which have to be unusual to make a real difference in order to come out far ahead of your competitors.
If you are interested or have any questions, please send me an e-mail message at wltr66@hotmail.com  and give me some details (which I would keep confidential, of course). In that case I will respond by e-mail and we can then discuss all matters. Please note that I cannot give you expert advice in certain fields, e.g. specific legal advice or medical advice, but otherwise feel free to contact me, so we can chat about all this.
I suggest that you visit also the following pages of my website about world problems with content that may interest you. The topics there are of great concern, not only to me but should be so to all of us. On those pages I try to come to some bold new ideas and concepts and to find possible solutions to the listed world problems. I also offer my help for developing the ideas further and would prepare plans for solving the problems as far as I can.
Two pages in the last part of my website give you something to chew on mentally, namely riddles, brainteasers and math puzzles, in order to keep you sharp. The four last web pages are more relaxing, giving you some interesting facts about Australia, human facts, animal facts and other incredible facts.
For your convenience, I have set up a Site Map on my next page with short descriptions of all web pages and links to them.
Hope to hear from you soon,


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